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The SMT859 builds FOUR 40MSPS 12 bit ADCs combined with FOUR 125MSPS 12/14bit DACs on the foundation of the SMT800.

As such it shares the Virtex 5, but adds four analogue-to-digital channels capable of converting analogue inputs into 12Bit digital words up to 40 Mega samples per second (Msps) and four digital-to-analogue channels capable of converting 12/14Bit digital inputs words up to 125Msps into its corresponding analogue outputs.

The ADC is based on National Semiconductors ADC12D040. These devices convert the analogue data steams into digital 12 Bit 2.5V logic data words. This converter uses a differential, pipeline architecture with digital error correction and an on-chip sample-and-hold circuit to minimise power consumption while providing excellent dynamic performance.

The DAC is based on Texas Instruments DAC2904Y. These devices convert 14Bit digital data steams (12Bit DAC2902Y) into there corresponding analogue output voltages. The DAC2904 offers exceptional dynamic performance, and enables the generation of very-high output frequencies for a wide variety of waveform-synthesis applications.

The Virtex-5 FXT FPGA from Xilinx is available in two sizes (FX70T & FX100T) and two speeds (1 & 3).

The FPGA has direct access to 1GBytes of DDR2 SDRAM per bank and is the controller for the ADCs.

The addition of a Xilinx configuration PROM enables the module to be used 'Stand-Alone'
The FPGA is connected to four RSL connectors for high speed data transfer (up to 3.2GB/s), and the 3x 20-way SLB connector which has 36 pairs of Low Voltage Differential Signals that can be interfaced over a long distance to some external control equipment, or act as an interface to an SLB mezzanine module.

This is coupled via comports to small form factor carrier card, complete with a Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA, USB, RS232, a MicroSD socket and all the power supplies required for to enable the SMT800 to be powered from the included 12V DC power supply.


  • 4 ADCs (National Semiconductors ADC12D040)
  • 4 DACs (Texas Instruments DAC2904Y)
  • All ADC and DAC channels sample simultaneously (no input multiplexers)
  • Custom Clock and Trigger inputs via external connectors
  • Virtex-5 FXT FPGA (XC5VFX70T or XC5VFX100T)
  • DDR2 SDRAM (1GByte per bank)
  • RSL Connections (high speed data transfer - up to 3.2GB/s)
  • 3x 20-way SLB connector (36 pairs of Low Voltage Differential Signals)
  • USB for Flash programming an host communication
  • 4x RS232
  • MicroSD socket
  • Small form factor Stand Alone operation
  • 12v DC power supply

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 October, 2010.
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